Frequently Asked Questions

How should I choose between a clip or nylon headband?

Clip – Suitable for children aged 1 and above

Nylon headband – Suitable for babies from newborn up to 1.5-year-old

Is your Nylon headband one size fits all?

Yes, our nylon headbands are a one-size-fits-all stretchy nylon headband, recommended for babies below 1.5-year-old.

What are the sizes of your clips?

We offer 2 sizes of clips: a 4cm clip for petit bows and a 6cm clip for oversized bows. 

Can I convert my bow from a headband to a clip as my baby grows?

Yes! All our bows can be converted from headbands to clips as your baby grows. You can also get an alligator clip at any accessories shop and attach it to your favourite bow. 

Do you provide gift wrapping?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently provide gift-wrapping services. However, you will receive your order in a box with any purchase above RM80. If you’d like us to send a gift message along with your purchase, simply write a note in the message column on the checkout page, and we will be sure to include it with your package.